Car Rental Bookings – Mobile v Desktop

Mobile phones are widely used for conducting rental researches and booking. A lot of people find it more comfortable to use the mobile phone to book a travel or conduct the required searches. The trend of using mobile phones for this purpose is expected to go on for a very long time. Car rental Toronto services can be used by using a mobile phone as well.

Who is at the Top of the List?

Among thousands of people across the globe, the Russians are the most comfortable in using car rental services in a mobile phone. Around one in every three booking is done by using the mobile phone. In Australia, the scenario is also similar to one out of four booking being made by using the internet. A lot of people are opting for car rental Toronto because of the services which can be associated with it.

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Who is Lagging Behind?

According to the data which has been provided, the French are the most reluctant to book a car on rent by using their mobile phone. Less than one out of six bookings is made by using a mobile phone. The Germans too are not quite comfortable in booking Car rental Scarborough by using the mobile phone.

Searching for Car Rental by Using Mobile

It has been observed that a large number of people use the mobile phone to conduct the search and return to their desktop to make the booking. A major cause behind this kind of action might be safety concerns. People are not comfortable using the mobile phone for making high-end purchases. For more info on searching for a rental car, read here!

Average Lead Times

The average rental durations and lead times were much shorter on the mobile phone. The bookings for Car rental Toronto that were made by using the mobile device were made 44 days in advance while the ones which were made by using the desktop were done before 48 days. The bookings which were made on the mobile phone had a lead period of 5.3 days. The data has revealed that the booking by phone is made by the people who are willing to make their bookings in advance and like to have their trips planned in advance. The bookings which have short lead time are booked by the younger generation because they are more accustomed to technology.

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Gradual Shift Observed

A gradual shift was observed among the people who opted for car rentals. A large number of people have shifted to car rental booking by using a mobile phone. The recent trend of using mobile phones for car booking might be because of the seasonal trend because of an influx of tourists. It is expected that the trend will be boosted in the future and it might adversely affect the other markets. A large number of people prefer to use mobile phones to book the car rental until and unless they are at work.

Car rental Toronto services are useful for the people who are looking for a quick car rental service which will provide the best services. Learn more about Toronto tourism and rental car services here!